Blackstone vs Pit Boss: Which Griddle is Right for You?

Do you want to take your grilling game up a notch? Whether you’re an outdoor cooking enthusiast or just looking for the most delicious way to feed your family, having the right grill can make all the difference. In this blog post we will explore two of the best options on the market—the Blackstone and Pit Boss grills. We’ll look at each one’s distinct features, how they perform in different scenarios, and which grill is better for certain types of foods. By the end of this post, you’ll have all information necessary to decide which option is best for your individual needs!

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Blackstone: Company Overview and Product Offerings

Blackstone has been manufacturing grills and other outdoor cooking equipment since 2005. All their products are designed to offer great utility with an eye to modern design and convenience. Their range of propane gas grills is especially popular, with several models offering a variety of different features. Key amongst these include the heavy-duty stainless steel construction, heat locking insulation, adjustable heat control, porcelain-coated griddle tops, and multiple grease management systems. Additionally, Blackstone’s gas grills are designed to offer exceptional heat retention with quick start-up times.

Pit Boss: Company Overview and Product Offerings

Pit Boss is another leading manufacturer in the outdoor cooking industry. They specialize in producing a range of quality wood pellet grills for serious grillers. These models come with a range of features, such as easy to use digital temperature controls, porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids and heavy-duty construction materials to ensure the longevity of your equipment. Additionally, Pit Boss’s wood pellet grills offer superior heat distribution and consistent temperatures from low to high settings – perfect for slow cooking.

Blackstone vs Pit Boss Griddle: Pit Boss Griddle Vs Blackstone

Both Pit Boss and Blackstone griddles offer their own unique features, but there are some similarities between them.

Firstly, both Pit Boss Griddle and Blackstone offer a wide range of griddle sizes to choose from. Whether you need a compact griddle for a small gathering or a larger one for hosting a big cookout, both brands have options to cater to your needs. This allows users to select the size that suits their cooking requirements and space availability.

Secondly, both Pit Boss Griddle and Blackstone griddles are known for their durability and sturdiness. They are built with high-quality materials that can withstand outdoor conditions and heavy use. Whether you’re cooking in your backyard or taking the griddle on a camping trip, you can rely on the robust construction of these griddles to last for years.

Another similarity between Pit Boss Griddle and Blackstone is their versatility. Both brands offer griddles that can be used for various cooking techniques, such as frying, sautéing, grilling, and even baking. This versatility allows users to experiment with different recipes and cooking styles, making these griddles suitable for a wide range of culinary preferences.

Furthermore, both Pit Boss Griddle and Blackstone griddles feature ample cooking space. This means you can cook multiple items simultaneously without overcrowding the cooking surface. Whether you’re preparing breakfast for a large group or whipping up a feast for your family, the spacious cooking area of these griddles ensures efficient and hassle-free cooking.

Blackstone vs Pit Boss Griddle: An In-depth Comparison of Key Features

Cooking performance comparison – heat distribution, temperature control, and cooking surface

When it comes to cooking performance, both Blackstone and Pit Boss offer top-of-the-line performance. Blackstone’s propane gas grills are designed for rapid start-up times and exceptional heat retention throughout the duration of your cook. The porcelain coated griddle tops also help disperse heat evenly across a large surface area – perfect for griddling.

Meanwhile, Pit Boss’s wood pellet grills deliver precise heat control with digital temperature settings and superior cooking surfaces. The porcelain-coated cast iron grids are designed to lock in moisture while offering an even distribution of temperatures across the entire surface – great for slow roasting or searing meats. Additionally, their precision temperature controls allow you to cook at low temperatures for hours without having to worry about over-cooking.

Size and portability comparison – dimensions, weight, and ease of transportation

When it comes to size and portability, the two grills differ considerably. Blackstone’s gas grills are larger in size, with most models weighing in at around 100 pounds. This makes them ideal for larger outdoor events or multiple cooks over a long period of time. However, their heavier weight can make them difficult to transport and maneuver around your patio or backyard.

Pit Boss’s wood pellet grills are much more lightweight and compact – weighing in at around 50 pounds. This makes them great for backyard barbecues or taking on picnics, as they can easily be carried by one person. However, their smaller dimensions mean that they may not be suitable for large outdoor events or multiple cooks over a long period of time.

Durability and construction comparison – materials used, build quality, and longevity

When it comes to durability and construction, both Blackstone and Pit Boss offer quality products. Blackstone grills are constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel with heat locking insulation for superior heat retention. This helps to ensure the longevity of your equipment – even in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, their grease management systems help keep the grill clean and free of residue build-up.

Meanwhile, Pit Boss grills are constructed with durable porcelain-coated cast iron grids and heavy duty materials – perfect for slow cooking over a long period of time. Additionally, their digital temperature controls make it easy to maintain consistent temperatures without having to worry about over-cooking your food. This helps ensure an even cooking experience each and every time.

Cleaning and maintenance comparison – ease of cleaning, grease management, and rust resistance

Both Blackstone and Pit Boss grills offer excellent cleaning and maintenance features. Blackstone’s grease management systems make it easy to keep your grill clean, while the porcelain-coated griddle top helps resist rust and corrosion. Additionally, their heat locking insulation helps protect the interior components from damage over time.

Pit Boss’s wood pellet grills also offer easy cleaning and maintenance features. The porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids help resist rust and corrosion, while the digital temperature controls make it easy to maintain consistent temperatures without having to worry about over-cooking your food. Additionally, their heavy-duty construction materials ensure the longevity of your grill – even after years of use.

Price comparison – cost of Pit Boss griddles vs Blackstone griddles

Price is always an important factor to consider when choosing between two products. Blackstone and Pit Boss griddles are not cheap, but both companies offer different price points based on the size, fuel type, and other features of the griddles.

Blackstone griddles are generally more affordable than Pit Boss griddles, with prices ranging from $100 to $600 depending on the size and features. On the other hand, Pit Boss griddles range from $200 to $800 or more, depending on the type of griddle and the fuel type.

Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, Blackstone griddles might be a better option for you. However, if you want more advanced features and are willing to pay more, then Pit Boss griddles might be the right choice.

Which Griddle Is Better Suited For Outdoor Cooking?

When it comes to outdoor cooking, both Blackstone and Pit Boss griddles have their advantages. For instance, Blackstone griddles are smaller and lighter, making them perfect for picnics and backyard barbeques. On the other hand, Pit Boss grills offer more temperature control and a larger cooking surface – perfect for large outdoor gatherings or multiple cooks over an extended period of time.

Overall, the best griddle for outdoor cooking really depends on your needs and preferences. If you plan to cook outdoors for large groups, then a Pit Boss grill might be your better option. However, if portability is key then a Blackstone griddle may be more suitable for you. In either case, both products offer great quality and reliable performance.

Customer reviews and ratings – pros and cons of Pit Boss griddles and Blackstone griddles

Finally, to make a well-informed decision it is important to consider customer reviews and ratings of the two griddles. Both Blackstone and Pit Boss have received positive reviews from customers for their quality products and features.

Blackstone griddles are praised for their fast start-up times, heat retention, and grease management systems. They are also known for their affordable price points and ease of maintenance. However, some customers have complained that the griddles can be a bit heavy, making them difficult to move around your patio or backyard.

On the other hand, Pit Boss griddles are praised for their precision temperature controls, even heat distribution across the entire surface, and long-lasting construction materials. They are also known for their portability and easy-to-clean design. However, some customers have complained that the griddles can be more expensive than other brands.

Blackstone vs. Pit Boss Griddle Reddit Reviews

Reddit is a great place to find reviews and opinions from people who have purchased and used Blackstone and Pit Boss griddles. We have compiled some of the most helpful comments from Reddit to help you make an informed decision:


  • User u/PopeyeTheSailorman says, “I’ve had my Blackstone for 4 years and love it. It cooks everything perfectly, and the griddle top is easy to clean.”
  • User u/TexasPhysique says, “I have a Blackstone, and it’s great. The heat distribution is excellent, and I love how large the cooking surface is.”

Pit Boss

  • User u/wally15 says, “I have the Pit Boss Copperhead 5 Series, and it’s fantastic. It’s easy to use and has ample cooking space.”
  • User u/DaveyDowner says, “I’ve had my Pit Boss griddle for six months and love it. The food tastes great, and the temperature control is spot on.”

Based on these reviews, both Blackstone and Pit Boss griddles seem to have satisfied customers. You should consider your specific needs and preferences when making a decision.

Some Top Model of Blackstone and Pit Boss Griddles


1. Blackstone 28 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Feature overview

  • Restaurant Style Cooking – Get restaurant-style cooking with this versatile, convenient and easy-to-use Blackstone griddle. With 470 sq. inches of flat top grilling, you can prepare everything from breakfast to steak and potatoes with ease.
  • Electronic Ignition – No need for charcoal or matches; a simple push button ignition system ensures your griddle is ready to go in no time! Enjoy spending more time outdoors while eliminating the hassle of outdoor cooking.
  • Weather Resistant Cover – Protect your investment with a custom fit cover that’s made from heavy duty 600 D polyester fabric. Keep your Blackstone 28″ Griddle safe from the elements all year round!
  • Versatile & Convenient – Enjoy additional features such as two side shelves for food preparation and storage and a bottom shelf for even more convenience. Create delicious meals on the go with this must-have griddle station!

2. Blackstone 1853 Flat Top Gas Grill

Feature overview:

  • Comfort at your fingertips – Blackstone 1853 Flat Top Gas Grill comes with a side shelf and lower shelf for all your cooking essentials. Portable design includes a removable top, fold-up legs, and four caster wheels for easy transport from the backyard to the campsite.
  • Restaurant style cooking – Enjoy restaurant quality results with 470sq inches of cold rolled steel grilling surface. Cook up breakfast, lunch or dinner in no time while eliminating kerosene, charcoal, and matches. Battery powered push button ignition makes lighting the grill simple and fast.
  • Replace your standard grill – Enjoy the convenience of outdoor grilling without the hassle! Replace your standard grill or BBQ with this powerful Blackstone griddle for an effortless cooking experience. Perfect for eggs, pancakes, quesadillas, grilled cheese, steak and more!

3. Blackstone 1860 On The Go Range top Combo

Feature overview:

  • Generous Cooking Space – Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with the Blackstone 1860 On The Go Range top Combo. With a 3 Sq. ft. cooking area, you have enough room to grill all your favorite meals!
  • Powerful Heat – 3516.85 W of cooking power gives you enough heat to quickly prepare anything your heart desires! Plus, two independently controlled cooking zones make meal prep even easier.
  • Stylish Look – Be the talk of the campsite with this stylish black range top!
  • Versatile & Portable – Easily take it on a camping trip or store it away in your RV until your next adventure!

Pit Boss

1. PIT BOSS 10963 4-Burner Gas Griddle

Feature overview:

  • 753 square inch cooking area – Prepare meals quickly, easily and more efficiently with the Pit Boss 10963 4-Burner gas griddle. With a total of 753 square inches of cooking space, this griddle will handle any size cookouts or family gatherings.
  • 62,000 BTU – Produce restaurant quality food every time with four individually controlled stainless steel burners. Maximum heat output of 62,000 BTUs is sure to do the job!
  • 4.7mm thick griddle surface – Heavy duty construction ensures uniform heat distribution and superior cooking performance. The extra thick 4.7mm griddle surface is designed for higher temperatures and searing meats evenly.
  • Easy push and turn ignition – Get your cookout started in no time! With its easy push and turn starter, you can easily light each burner independently without having to struggle with matches or lighters.

2. PIT BOSS 10961 3-Burner Tabletop Gas Griddle

Feature overview:

  • Free custom-fit cover included – Get full protection with a heavy-duty cover to keep your griddle in great condition for years of use!
  • 389 square inches of cooking space – Cook your favorite meals and feed up to 10 people at once! The griddle top measures 27.2″L x 14.3″W – enough room for pancakes, bacon, eggs, burgers, and more.
  • 24,000 BTU 3 controlled stainless steel gas burners – Keep dishes cooking perfectly! The independently controlled burners allow pizza makers to adjust temperatures quickly.
  • 3mm thick griddle surface – Unlock delicious flavors with our unique thickness design for fast heat distribution and better grilling results. Perfect for searing steaks!
  • Easy push and turn ignition – Start cooking right away with our one-push ignition system. Plus, EZ Access grease trap makes cleaning simple and prevents messes from spreading.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Blackstone or Pit Boss Griddle

  • Size: Consider the size of the griddle that you need. It should be large enough to cook for your family or guests, but not so large it takes up too much space.
  • BTU/Heat Output: Choose a griddle with a high BTU/heat output if you plan on cooking at higher temperatures such as searing steaks and other proteins. A lower BTU/heat output may be better if you are more likely to use the griddle for cooking at lower temperatures, such as pancakes or eggs.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Grease traps and easy access for cleaning should be taken into consideration when choosing a griddle. Look for models with removable grease trays that can be emptied easily.
  • Price: Price is always a factor when making any purchase. Research to find the best griddle that fits within your budget. Keep in mind, sometimes it’s better to spend more money upfront for a higher quality product that will last longer and provide a better experience overall.
  • Versatility: Consider what type of foods you want to cook on your griddle. Some models are better suited for certain types of food than others. Find a model that can handle the majority of your cooking needs.
  • Features: Look for additional features such as side shelves, foldable legs or caster wheels which can make your grilling experience easier and more enjoyable.

No matter which Blackstone or Pit Boss griddle you choose, you can be sure you’ll have a great experience with either brand. Both are reliable and durable products that offer restaurant quality cooking in the comfort of your own backyard. With careful consideration of size, BTU/heat output, ease of cleaning, price, versatility and features – you’re sure to find the perfect griddle for your needs.

Tips to Use Both Griddles to Their Maximum Potential

  • Preheat your griddle before use. Most griddles require about 10 minutes of preheating time, which ensures that the food cooked on it will come out evenly cooked and properly seasoned.
  • Clean your griddle frequently. After every use, make sure you clean the surface with a damp cloth or brush to remove food particles and grease residue.
  • Season the griddle with oil before use. This will help create a non-stick surface and prevent food from sticking to your griddle.
  • Monitor heat levels while cooking. Pay attention to the temperature of your griddle so that you don’t overcook or burn your food!
  • Use different types of cooking oils depending on the food you’re preparing. Different types of fats have different smoke points, which determine how hot the oil can get before it starts to burn.
  • Allow your griddle to cool down before cleaning. If you attempt to clean a still-hot griddle, you risk burning yourself or damaging the surface of the griddle.

How To Clean And Maintain A Pit Boss and Blackstone Griddle?

Cleaning and maintaining your griddle is essential to making sure that it lasts for years. Here are some tips on how to clean and maintain a Pit Boss or Blackstone griddle:

  • Regular cleaning – Make sure to clean the surface of your griddle regularly with hot, soapy water and a sponge. This will help prevent build up from food particles and grease.
  • Oil the griddle surface – Before every use, make sure to oil the griddle surface with a high heat cooking oil like canola or vegetable oil. This will keep your food from sticking and help create an even cooking surface.
  • Clean any excess grease – Make sure to clean excess grease after each use. Grease can build up and cause the griddle to smoke which can lead to lower cooking temperatures.
  • Remove rust – If you find any rust on your griddle, remove it with a wire brush or steel wool and then apply oil or butter on the affected area before using. This will help prevent further damage.
  • Cover your griddle – When not in use, make sure to cover your griddle with a weather resistant cover to keep it safe from the elements.
  • Regular maintenance – To make sure your griddle stays in top working condition, make sure to do regular maintenance checks. Look for any signs of wear or damage and replace any parts as needed. This will help prevent any major problems from occurring down the road.
  • Check connections regularly – Make sure to check all connections at least once a month, paying special attention to gas lines. If you notice anything that isn’t working correctly, contact a certified service technician to properly diagnose and repair the issue.
  • Protect from harsh weather – Make sure to store your griddle in a sheltered area if you’re not using it for an extended period of time. This will help keep it safe from the elements and ensure that it stays in good condition for years to come.
  • Clean after each use – After each use, make sure to clean and oil your griddle to help keep it in top condition. This will also help prevent any rust or buildup from forming on the surface.
  • Manual cleaning – For tougher stains and build up, you can manually scrub the griddle with a brush and hot soapy water. Make sure to rinse the griddle thoroughly after cleaning and then apply a thin layer of oil to the surface.


Is Pit Boss griddle better than Blackstone?

The answer to this question depends on your individual needs and preferences. Both Pit Boss and Blackstone griddles offer quality products that are designed to last for years. It’s important to consider size, BTU/heat output, ease of cleaning, price, versatility and features when deciding which product is best for you.

What type of oil should I use on my griddle?

You should use high heat cooking oil such as canola or vegetable oil when seasoning your griddle. This will help create a non-stick surface and prevent food from sticking.

What temperature should I set my griddle to?

The ideal cooking temperature for most griddles is usually between 350°F and 400°F. However, the exact temperature can depend on what type of food you are cooking. Pay attention to your griddle’s temperature gauge and adjust as needed during cooking.

Can I use my griddle indoors?

No, most griddles should only be used outdoors due to potential safety hazards from smoke or grease fires.

Are Blackstone grills healthy?

Yes, Blackstone grills are a great way to make healthy meals. The high heat of the griddle helps to seal in flavor and moisture, while also reducing fat content and limiting the amount of oil needed for cooking. Additionally, many Blackstone griddles come with accessories such as side shelves and foldable legs which can help make your grilling experience easier and more enjoyable.

How many times to season Blackstone?

You should season your Blackstone griddle before each use. This will help create a non-stick cooking surface and prevent food from sticking. Additionally, it’s important to oil the griddle periodically throughout the year in order to keep the surface well-maintained.

Does Blackstone heat evenly?

Yes, Blackstone griddles are designed to heat evenly so that your food is cooked properly. The flat surface and adjustable heat controls help to ensure consistent temperatures throughout the cooking area. Additionally, Blackstone griddles come with a grease management system which helps to reduce flare-ups and hot spots.

How many times to season Blackstone?

You should season your Blackstone griddle before each use. This will help create a non-stick cooking surface and prevent food from sticking. Additionally, it’s important to oil the griddle periodically throughout the year in order to keep the surface well-maintained. For best results, you should season your griddle after every 4-5 uses.


In sum, once you understand the differences between the Blackstone and Pit Boss grills, you can make an informed decision on which grill is the right choice for your outdoor cooking needs. With Grilling season upon us, don’t give it too much thought – head to your local store today and get started creating amazing meals in no time! With any of these two grills, you can ensure that your outdoor adventures are flavorful and fun. Whether it’s friends and family or a solo-venture, fire up the heat this summer with tasty and unforgettable experiences that come courtesy of a great outdoor cooker. Get out there, shop around, and explore all of your options now for best results!

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